BE: Remember the magic of living in the present, like getting lost in the flavour of your favourite candy?
That’s the child’s essence we nurture at House of Tamariki. We don’t tell them what to do. We let them be.
We simply hold the spotlight as children get to know themselves, build pillow forts, splash paint around,
make hills of leaves, and dive deep into their own world confetti-filled adventures.

BECOME: Your child might be a space cowboy at breakfast and a jazz maestro octopus by lunch. Perhaps
even a (somewhat) moody inventor by dinner. And we say, why not? We provide the stage for this beautiful
state of ‘becoming’, allowing dreams to transform into reality.

BELONG: Children aren’t isolated beings. They’re woven into the fabric of families, communities, and
cultures. At house of Tamariki, we help them find their place in this complex, but exciting journey of life.
Teddy bear picnics, and imaginary friends included.

Our Curriculum - or Playbook. Whichever Word You Prefer!

Here's why we take great pride in our curriculum

Ten Years
in the Making

Crafted with Insight from educators
boasting over three decades of experience,
catering to every unique learner,
especially the post-pandemic child.

Inspiration from
the Best

Like the Montessori Method,
Reggio Emilia Approach
and educational Policies
from India and New zealand.

Koru (Spiral)

A responsive evolving framework
that grows with your child,
constantly revisiting and amplifying themes
as they mature.

Whole Child

We nurture the complete child,
addressing every facet
from mental to social
to physical development

Every corner of our space is a testament to the joy of learning. Children here learn through play, experience,
music, movement, messes, and most importantly, human connection. Our environment reinvents itself
daily, based on current themes and learning objectives, ensuring fresh curiosity and enthusiasm from our
little explorers every time they step in.

But don't just take our word for it. Have A Look for yourself!
But don't just take our word for it. Have A Look for yourself!
Still Need a Reason to be a Part of House of Tamariki?

Here’s a short answer. Our house is a haven where children are free to beunapologetically themselves.
Where the start of their life’s journey is recognised, celebrated, and enriched. Imagine a place fostering freedom,
encouraging individuality, and cherishing the sheer brilliance of every child’s uniqueness.
And you are imagining House of Tamariki!

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