about how we let children be children
We march to a different (and somewhat quirky) beat

Welcome to House of Tamariki. A place where playtime isn’t just a break – it’s a necessary subject.
A place where the child is free. To discover their inner astronaut, or pirate,
or painter, or unicorn.

Tiny Humans. Massive imaginations. And a few innovations.

Tired of the old ABCs and 123s? So were we! Which is why at House of Tamariki, we thought
outside the toybox, and flipped the classroom script.
We did this with the help of educators who’ve seen crayon art of every kind imaginable.

When it comes to our curriculum, think of it this way: in their first six years,
children change faster than fashion trends. Which is why our curriculum is designed to behave like a trust
pair of jeans – comfortable, familiar and fits each unique shape.
The result is a space that’s crafted to be as unique as your little one’s wild imagination.

The House is always open

Here’s all the fun we’re planning in the weeks to come, with  stunning workshops!
because who said learning can’t be an epic adventure?
Just remember to book your little one in before the others take up all the slots.

about all the events
Lets Talk. Or Chat. Or meet

Got a burning question? Want to send us a virtual high-five? We love those.
Whatever it is, we’re all ears. Well, Virtual ears, but you get the idea.

Drop us a line (or a doodle): Email admin@houseoftamariki.com
call 8971683454 (if you’re old school and just want to hear a human voice)
or drop by (and remember to bring your inner child, so you can have a blast, too.)
713, 9th A Main Rd, First Stage, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Social butterflies, assemble!

Got a Question? We've likely got the answer!

How often will I get updates about my child's days at House of Tamariki?

Every single day! All important information as well as photographs will be uploaded by your child’s educator so you have full visibility of your child’s day at school.

What is your separation/settling process?

Every child is different and needs a customised plan to get them comfortable with school. The plan will be made by the manager and educator and you will be guided on how the process will be after the first day. The settling process at House of Tamariki is gentle and child-led.

Will my child learn to read and write?

The House of Tamariki curriculum prepares children to seamlessly ease into any syllabus after their preschool years. We do have a wonderful literacy and numeracy program that allows children to self-learn at their own pace, through experiences and projects all while playing and exploring!

Do I have to pack a snack and lunch for my child every day?

Absolutely not! House of Tamariki offers your child fresh and healthy meals based on the program you choose. The menu is designed by an in-house nutritionist and is dairy-free and nut-free. There is also fruit on offer with every meal, in case that’s what your child loves most.